Here we update you on the dissemination activities in the ARCAID project (“newest” at the top!), also check out the two submenus containing the publications and videos.


February 2023, we had a very successful symposium organized by ARCAID ESRs. More info here.

October 25th 2021, we had a very successful ARCAID (life!) meeting where all fellows presented their work. More info here.

During the ARCAID meeting May 19th 2021, all our fellows have prepared a 2-3 minutes video to explain their project, these movies will be accessible here and will be updated in line with the LinkedIn release. 

Chiara Geyer (ESR16) participated in a COVID-19 Symposium of the Amsterdam UMC (“Unorthodox Teams” on 3 December 2020) watch it here!

 The Amsterdam University Medical centers had several “New-Year awards”; one for the promotion of integration and harmonization in a team between locations VuMC and AMC, and another for promoting the external visibility of the Amsterdam UMC. As the ARCAID program basically combined both (being teams from both VUMC and AMC working together to bring 20 external PhD students to Amsterdam) we made a movie and submitted this. Unfortunately, we were not nominated for the prize, however, the movie can be seen on the website (here).

Sona Allahverdiyeva (ESR15), gave a short interview to one of the Azerbaijani TV channels on her AMC COVID-19 project (You can watch it here.) published as a preprint on bioRxiv

January 20th 2020, we organized a kick-off meeting for all PI’s and also the partner organisations were invited. They were not all available to join, however, we had 35 people present. We started with a general welcome and overview of the network by our coordinator (Prof van Vollenhoven) and a word of welcome from the board of directors of the AMC.