Update video’s 2022

Most of our fellows are now well under way with their research, so we want to update the video’s they presented in May 2021 describing their projects. Please keep an eye on LinkedIn and Twitter and here, to see the updates! The most recent video is on top!

The most recent update is from Dimitrios Nikoulakis, working working in the group of Dr. Marleen van de Sande and Prof Geert D’Haens on Pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies in inflammatory bowel disease and spondyloarthritis

Next was Sofia Feijó – Frigerio working in the group of Prof Geert D’Haens and Dr. Joep Grootjans on understanding the etiology of IBD associated extraintestinal manifestations and cancer

The following update was presented by Ihsan Hammoura, working in the group of Dr. Marleen van de Sande on Understanding the pre-clinical phase of spondyloarthritis.

Aoife O’Byrne , working in the group of Dr. Lisa van Baarsen to study the molecular and cellular features of human lymph node T cells during the earliest phases of systemic autoimmunity presents her update in this video.

The next update is from Armando Olivieri, working in the group of Prof. Niek de Vries on Clonal isotyping of the B cell response in autoimmunity.

And we continued with an updated video from Ana Merino Vico, working in the group of Dr. Sander Tas on the B cell lineage in ANCA-associated vasculitis

We started with a video from Marina Jimenez who started in 2022 on the project “Mesenchymal stromal cells as key orchestrators in RA” in the group of Dr. Lisa van Baarsen.

Arcaid meeting May 19th 2021

Videos 1-5 (Andrew Morrison, Armando Olivieri, Ana Merino Vico, Melis Asal and Eva Phillipon)

Videos 6-10 (Giulia Frazzei, Ihsan Hammoura, Aoife O’Byrne, Sona Allahverdiyeva, Adrian Durotin)

Videos 11-15 (Fatemeh Khodadustvaskasi, Sofía Frigerio Liddle, Daria Balashova, Dimitrios Nikolakis, Agner Parra)

Videos 16-20 (Utkarsh Mahamune)

Sona Allahverdiyeva (ESR15), gave a short interview to one of the Azerbaijani TV channels on her AMC COVID-19 project (You can watch it here.)

Chiara Geyer (ESR16) participated in a COVID-19 Symposium of the Amsterdam UMC (“Unorthodox Teams” on 3 December 2020) watch it here!