Presentations are listed in chronological order, newest on top.


Andrew Morrison presented his work on two occasions: On 21st and 22nd November I presented my work at the NVVI in Antwerp and on 16th November he gave a mini-lecture to Masters students at Utrecht (UMC) for their Infection and Immunity symposium.

Eva Philippon presented her work at the EWRR in 2023 and won the poster prize!!

Sofia Feijó – Frigerio, gave a presentation at the NVGE (Dutch Society for gastroenterology), Veldhoven, the Netherlands, September 2023

Andrew Morrison presented his work at the European Network of Immunology Summer School in Sardinia, May 2023, as well as at the NVED (Dutch Society for Experimental Dermatology) conference in Lunteren, June 2023, and had a poster presentation at the Microphysiological Systems World Summit in Berlin, July 2023

Chiara Geyer presented her work at the 6th 6th AII Annual Symposium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (22.06.2023) and Dutch Translational Metabolism Conference, Hotel de Wageningsche Berg, Wageningen, The Netherlands, (01.06-02.06.2023, poster, see picture)

 Sofia Feijó – Frigerio, presented a poster at the ECCO Congress Copenhagen, February 2023


Giulia Frazzei had a pitch talk at the NVR congress on “Functional characterization of ACPA-producing B cell clones using kinase inhibitors”

Aoife O’Byrne presented at the following meetings:

FOCIS 2022

EWRR 2022

Chiara Geyer presented at the following meetings:

Keystone Symposia Meeting “Viral Immunity: Basic Mechanisms and Therapeutic Applications”, 29.06-03.07.2022, Keystone (CO), USA (presentation, poster presentation)

NVVI-DSI Annual Meeting 2021 → 2022, 24.05-25.05.2022, Noordwijkerhout, NL (oral presentation)