Conny van der Laken (F), PhD, MD, associate professor, is rheumatologist and principal investigator of translational and clinical advanced imaging studies in rheumatology in Amsterdam, with a particular expertise in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging. The work aims at development of molecular imaging of immunological targets in rheumatic diseases for application of (early) diagnostics and development of personalized treatment. She leads a group of PhD students and technicians, both in translational and clinical research. She has a H-index of 23, and wrote over 60 scientific articles. The work has a leading (inter)national position and is embedded in several multicenter studies and (inter-)national collaborations. She is actively involved in the EULAR standing committee of imaging, board member of the imaging working group within the Dutch Rheumatology Association and program leader of inflammatory diseases in the Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute (AI&II).


Rheumatic diseases, PET, moleculair imaging


  • Medical training:

1991: MSc degree,  Medical School, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

1993: MD degree, Medical School, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

2004: Specialization as rheumatologist, VU University Medical Center, The Netherlands

  • Research:

1998: PhD degree with honours, Catholic University Nijmegen

Title of thesis: ‘Scintigraphic detection of inflammation by radiolabeled cytokines and chemotactic peptides’

2016: Associate professor of advanced imaging in rheumatology

Work experience

Management positions:

2010 to date: Treasurer in the board of the national working group ‘Imaging Rheumatology Organisation of the Netherlands’.

2013 to date: Representative of the Dutch Rheumatology association in the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) standing committee of the imaging.

2016 to date: Program leader of inflammatory diseases at Amsterdam research institute of Infection & Immunity.

2016 to date:  Member of the ‘Wetenschappelijke Adviesraad Reumafonds’ of ‘Reumafonds’.

2016 to date: Coordinator of Amsterdam UMC as part of the EULAR network of imaging centres for visiting international research fellows. 

2017 to date: Steering committee member of the European GSK inflammation-imaging hub.

2017 to date: Member of international PET Interest Group, among which development of international PET guidelines.

2018 to date: Program leader inflammatory diseases in Amsterdam Institute of Infection & Immunity.

Clinical tasks:

2004 to date: Rheumatologist, Patient care in both outpatient and clinical setting, Educational tasks (see below).

Educational tasks:            

2004 to date:

  • Teacher of imaging in immunology course (Keuze Onderwijs Wetenschap (KOW) Immunology & Infection) of medical students (at the VU University Medical Center.
  • Guiding of the thesis of medical students for Wetenschappelijk Focus Onderwijs (WFO).
  • Teacher of imaging techniques for internists and rheumatologists in training
  • Teacher of medical topics for medical students (course Infection & Inflammation), internists in training (regional onderwijs interne geneeskunde (ROIG)) and family doctors.
  • Clinical supervision of rheumatologists in training
  • Coordination of monthly group discussions of PhD students to create critical thinking.
  • Initiation and coordination of national education of advanced imaging techniques for rheumatologists (in training), in particular MRI and PET.
  • Organization of national courses of basic, advanced and master classes MRI of rheumatoid arthritis and spondylarthropathy.
  • Development of hands-on training and subsequently e-learning of MRI for rheumatologists, national and international within EULAR network.
  • Organisation of training course in the Disease Activity Score of rheumatoid arthritis for rheumatologists in training and research/rheumatology nurses.

Research tasks and positions:    

2004 to date: Senior researcher

  • Project leader of research line ‘Advanced imaging of inflammatory rheumatic diseases’.  Particular emphasis on Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Translational and clinical research.
  • Supervision of PhD students and technicians.
  • Coordination of imaging research within the Amsterdam Rheumatology & Immunology Center.
  • Workpackage leader of PET imaging in the national project of the Center of Translational and Molecular Medicine (CTMM), entitled ´Development of Tools (and prediction rules) to time and select therapy in treatment of pre-clinical, early, and established Rheumatoid Arthritis: Creating Enhanced Remedy´ (TRACER)(2010-2015).
  • VUMC center leader of FP7-Health-2012 project : ‘Profiling Responders In Antibody Therapies’ (PRIAT)(2012-2014). See further below at grants and funding.
  • Project leader of multiple research projects supported by Dutch Arthritis Association (2004 to date). See further below at grants and funding.
  • Principal investigator (PI) of ZonMw multicenter project  “‘Positron Emission Tomography and macrophage targeting to select individuals at risk for rheumatoid arthritis’” in translational program (2014 to date).
  • Co-PI of ZonMw project Molecular Diagnostics in Rheumatoid Arthritis (MODIRA) in 2Treat-Public-Private Partnerships (2015 to date).
  • Project leader of Folate PET monitoring of macrophages in rheumatoid arthritis in European GSK inflammation-imaging hub (2018 to date).

Relevant publications for ARCAID:

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