Jeroen den Dunnen, PhD

Assistant Professor AMC

My group studies how antibodies and antibody receptors (Fc receptors) orchestrate inflammatory responses in a large variety of disorders, including bacterial and viral infections, autoimmune diseases, but also chronic inflammatory disorders such inflammatory bowel disease and chronic rhino sinusitis. With a background in molecular immunology (cell signaling by C-type lectins; publications in Immunity and Nature Immunology) I set up my own research group that studies antibody-induced inflammation at the Department of Cell Biology in the AMC in 2011.

One of our key initial findings was that we identified a new function of antibodies in shaping host defense during bacterial infections (Blood 2012). Later on we identified that antibody-induced inflammation also has a ‘dark side’, by strongly promoting inflammation in the context of rheumatoid arthritis (Nature Communications 2014). Considered the relevance of our research for rheumatic disorders, I moved my lab to the Department of Rheumatology in 2016, supported by prestigious personal grants such as the AMC Fellowship.

In recent years our research revealed that Fc receptor-induced inflammation is involved in a wide range of different diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (Nature Communications 2018), chronic rhino sinusitis (Mucosal Immunology 2019), SLE (Clin Exp Immunol 2019), and multiple sclerosis (manuscript in prep.). Our collaborations with clinicians in all these different fields underline the strong multidisciplinary nature of the research in our group.

One of main current goals is to find new ways to therapeutically counteract Fc receptor-induced inflammation, which requires in depth knowledge of the underlying molecular mechanisms. Our most recent findings identified that Fc receptor-induced inflammation critically depends on metabolic changes at the cellular level (J Immunol 2019; Front Immunol 2019; Nat Commun 2018), a process known as ‘metabolic reprogramming’. By collaborating with experts in the field of (immuno)metabolism and state-of-the-art techniques we now aim to unravel the metabolic pathways that drive pathology in aforementioned diseases. In the ARCAID project we have two exciting vacancies that will focus on identifying these metabolic pathways in (1) rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, and (2) during HIV infection.

Key recent publications of the Den Dunnen group:

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