Daria Balashova

ESR12 – Bioinformatics analysis of T-cell and B-cell repertoires

Daria Balashova received degree in mathematics with specialization in probability theory from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) in 2013 and since 2016 she continued research under the scientific supervision of Prof. Elena Yarovaya. Daria’s scientific interests are branching random walks, Markov processes, on which it is possible to construct a population-dynamic model of the reproduction and death of particles when they move along a multidimensional lattice.

In 2018 Daria graduated from Bioinformatics Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia). She took part in several projects, one of them was focused on analysis of gene expression by the use of algorithmic and statistical methods and hidden Markov chains and the goal of another one was to improve the quality of the ultra-low-input-NChIP-seq data with convolutional neural networks. Daria’s keen interest was caused by the processes associated with adaptive immunity, the study of repertoires of immune receptors using machine and deep learning.

In her free time Daria spends time with friends and family, goes in for sports (hiking, skiing, snowboarding), attends a modern theater school and travels.

3 keywords:

branching random walk

machine/deep learning

computational immunology