Prof dr Alexandre E. Voskuyl

Professor of rheumatology, with special interest in systemic autoimmune diseases

Alexandre Voskuyl is rheumatologist since 1992 and has large clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of patients with rheumatic diseases, in particular systemic autoimmune diseases (SLE, systemic sclerosis, vasculitis). After finishing his PhD thesis on rheumatoid vasculitis at the LUMC in Leiden, he moved to the VUmc in Amsterdam. He was director of rheumatology training program at the VUmc from 2009-2019 and was(co)-promotor of 20 PhD students. He has set up several cohort of patients, in particular on SLE in Amsterdam (Amsterdam SLE cohort) and in The Netherlands (DAiRE- cohort), and he has created biobanks for patients with SLE and systemic sclerosis. His research focus on (risk factors for) the outcome of patients with systemic autoimmune diseases, and the evaluation of biomarkers (blood, tissue, imaging) and clinical trials in those diseases. He is member of many (inter)national collaborations (i.e. SLICC, DORIS, SCTC, EULAR working group on microcirculation, IMI-3TR, ARCH, DAiRE).

keywords: SLE, systemic sclerosis, vasculitis, biomarkers, clinical trial, cohort studies