Sergey Nejentsev

Prof. dr. Sergey Nejentsev
Professor of Translational Immunology

Department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology (MCBI),
Amsterdam University Medical Centers , Location VUmc,
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Department of Medicine,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge, UK


Prof. dr. Sergey Nejentsev is a researcher at the Amsterdam UMC and the University of Cambridge. He graduated as a paediatrician and obtained PhD in medical genetics. From 2001 he studied genetics of autoimmune diseases at the University of Cambridge (e.g. Nejentsev et al, Lancet 2003; Nejentsev et al, Nature 2007; Nejentsev et al, Science 2009). In 2008 he established his research group at the University of Cambridge that investigated genetic and functional mechanisms of susceptibility to tuberculosis (Curtis et al, Nat Genet 2015) as well as immunodeficiency disorders. Research led by Prof. Nejentsev discovered several novel primary immunodeficiencies, including JAK1 deficiency (Eletto et al, Nat Commun 2016), RIPK1 deficiency (Cuchet-Lourenco et al, Science 2018) and a widely known disease, the Activated PI3 kinase Delta Syndrome (APDS; Angulo et al, Science 2013). His research was funded by prestigious awards, including Royal Society University Research Fellowship, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship, ERC Starting grant and the recently awarded ERC Advanced grant.

Key publications:
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