Roozbeh Sanaei2


Roozbeh Sanaei

ESR 6 - Mesenchymal stromal cells as key orchestrators in RA.


I am Roozbeh. I was born and raised in Iran. Looking at what I have been through during academic life reminds me that I have always enjoyed learning. After three years of studying Medical Lab Science at Zanjan Uni, I could transfer the one last year to Tehran Medical University. Internship programs at Tehran University Hospitals were the great practice of Medical laboratory skills. During the time, I got attracted to Medical Immunology by presenting a seminar on Stem cell immunomodulatory properties at the end of the fourth year. Continuously, I started MSc. in Medical Immunology, and I was keen to make sure it would lead to a professional graduate program in the future. I worked independently on hypothesizing my Master’s thesis but collaborated with laboratories of Iran and Tehran Universities in collecting samples and setting up experiments and performing them.

My professional research experience began by participating in a case-control study relating to Genotypes and Polymorphisms of some immune-related molecules in TB and Hepatitis disease progression/clearance. Then, I proposed my thesis research on the Immune response raised by TLRs’ agonists in Immunodeficiency disorders (XLA and CVID). After defending my thesis, I’ve continued collaborating with research institutes in composing/revising manuscripts (Breg, TH9, and SIgAD), providing proposals of clinical researches (IBD, HyperIgM, Colorectal Cancer), and communicating with students for their scientific and education pathway. I also involved in relevant companies to extend my capabilities in communication, applied science, industrial streaming, and the market.

Now that I have read a lot about upcoming programs of universities around the world and connected with many professors, I find the ARCAID program the most exciting multi-disciplinary one. By joining Dr. Lisa Van Baarsen’s group, I will be investigating Mesenchymal Stromal Cells’ contribution in early events (pre-clinical) of rheumatoid arthritis.