Adrian Durotin

Adrian Durotin

ESR 4- Clonal isotyping of the B cell response in autoimmunity

My name is Adrian and I am 29 years old, born on 04.03.1991 in Witzenhausen, Germany. After many changes of school due to family reasons, I finally finished my Abitur in the field of biotechnology at the vocational school in Witzenhausen, Germany in 2010.

As I was very interested and attracted by the natural sciences, I decided to start an apprenticeship as a biological technical assistant in Berlin. In 2012 I successfully completed this training and started a job at the Institute for Product Quality in Berlin (ifp) as a technical assistant. There I worked in the field of molecular biology and tested food via qPCR for GMOs, species and bacteria. I also took over tasks in the field of research and development, as well as production and quality assurance.

After two successful years there, I applied for biochemistry studies at various universities and finally moved to Jena, Germany in 2014, where I started my bachelor studies with the specialization modules medical microbiology, immune biology and human genetics. In my bachelor thesis I compared different DNA extraction methods. The goal was to find the optimal extraction method for mixed cultures (fungal and bacterial) and to be able to differentiate the individual species via next-generation sequencing. After I successfully completed my bachelor's degree, I started the English language master's degree program in Biochemistry, also in Jena. I chose eukaryotic gene regulation, cellular plasticity and pharmacological cell biology as specialization modules. In my master thesis I established the methods of functional metagenomics and mobilome analysis in my research group. These methods allow the investigation of antibiotic resistance genes of bacteria, which are not yet cultivable. During my whole studies I worked as research assistant at ZIK Septomics in the working group Host Septomics. The main scientific interest of the Group for Infection and Microbiome Research is to contribute to an understanding of the complex interactions between human pulmonary mucosa and the environment in health and disease.

In my spare time I enjoy sports activities. There I play volleyball, soccer and badminton. I also keep myself fit through crossfit and boxfit. I like to spend my holidays in the mountains skiing and recently even snowboarding. Of course there is nothing wrong with a beach holiday to get some sun. Meeting friends and organizing games evenings together is very important to me.