It is our pleasure to inform you that registration for the 5-day digital course on “Translational Medicine Explained (TMex) ” in November 2021 is open! 

The course is intended for PhD students, early postdocs, medical students and other young scientists who are involved in biomedical research and want to learn more about Translational Medicine, and might thus be of high interest to ARCAID fellows.

For the second time, this year’s edition will be entirely digital: contents and formats have been extensively remodeled to adapt to a virtual environment, while keeping the inspiring and friendly atmosphere that was particularly appreciated by participants.

There are only 30 seats, first come first serve!

Click here for the highlights and here for the flyer!

One of the PIs working in the ARCAID project is Jeroen den Dunnen (mentor of ESR 15 and 16, Sona Allahverdiyeva and Chiara Geyer) and due to the COVID-19 restrictions, these two fellows could not yet work on their intended research in ARCAID, but have been working on unravelling the immunology behind the COVID-19 infection instead. Now they are part of a breakthrough; see below!

Why COVID-19 do patients become critically ill after around 1.5 weeks?

Scientists at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Menno de Winther, professor in vascular immunological celbiology and Jeroen van Dunnen, immunology expert in the area of antibodies,discovered why COVID-19 patients can have such different reactions after being admitted to the IC. Their research showed that the production of antibodies with a divergent structure can cause an overreaction of the immune cells in the lungs. They also found an existing medicin that may dampen this overreaction, which is currently being tested on patients. When effective, this could help lowering the number of IC admissions.

See their publication in Science Translational Medicine provides an explanation (and potential therapy). See the movie for how it works and why they think this could be (very) important.

Hoepel et al

 - Our first ARCAID paper has been published! You can read it here.

  • - Our first ARCAID fellow, Sona Allahverdiyeva, was interviewed on public television in Azerbeidzjan, on her COVID-19 researchYou can watch Sona here. (English subtitles (very necessary for most..;-)  are available in the configurations setting of the video)

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